hannibal is a bad show because like why dont they just send robocop after hannibal?? he cant eat a robot. he literally cant stop him

At least half of robocop’s face is still face you dumbass.


Let’s bring back memes from 2006


Let’s bring back memes from 2006

When people on the internet try to tell me i can’t sleep with who i want because of what people will call me it’s like when my mom tries to tell me that I can’t take a nap at 7pm. I will still do it. 

is there any type of person you would consider a slut? or is that just a word that should just never be used

i don’t use the word slut to describe people. when you think of that word you think of the negative. and it;s for all the wrong reasons so nah i don’t think there is any type of person who is a “slut” maybe by textbook definition but she/he/they being called for other reasons.

multiplejellybeans replied to your post: anonymous asked:Ummm no they’re c…

I just think neither sex should sleep around I don’t care at all if ur a boy or girl

That’s cool and good for you. but if i’m hungry i’m gonna eat, if i’m tired i’m gonna sleep and if i’m horny i’m gonna do whatever i want. It’s almost as if i control my own life

And the fight scene between dean and sam in season 1 episode 6 of supernatural made my loins moist

I do not like the cantaloupe flavored jelly beans


i haven’t been to subway in 2 years cos the woman went “what bread do you want” and i went “yeah”